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Below are a few of the most commonly ordered QuinTron breath testing products for customers who own our analyzers.

If you are looking for a product that is not listed here, please call us as we have not listed all our products on our website.

To order any products, see pricing or access additional product information, click the picture of the product or catalog number listed next to the product to be directed to the online ordering section.

If you currently do not have an online account set up, please contact our Customer Service department at: 1-800-542-4448 or 414-645-4222 or request access via the Contact us page.


  1. QT00827-P - AlveoSampler Test Kit (Substrate Not Included)
    In-office breath collection kit without testing substrate.
  2. QT01154-C - SivRite-4 Desiccant

    Special desiccant for QuinTron breath analyzers

  3. QT01161-C - BreathPrep™ (Breath Sample Desiccant)

    Replacement desiccant refill for sample drying tubes used to condition breath samples prior to analysis in all BreathTracker analyzers.

  4. QT02425-S - LacTest ® - 25gm/packet (Lactose)
    Unflavored Lactose Packets (25gm/ea)
  5. QT02900-25-S - Sugar, Fructose, 25gm, Packet
    Fructose Sugar Packet
  6. QT02500-10-S - Lactulose, 10gm/15ml syrup (Cherry Flavored)

    Convenient, single-dose packets of cherry flavored lactulose  for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Intestinal Transit Time (ITT) breath tests.

  7. QT02700-25-S - d-Xylose, 25gm/packet (Unflavored)
    Convenient single-dose packets of d-Xylose. Typically used as a diagnostic aid in the evaluation of intestinal absorption capacity breath tests.
  8. QT02300-75-S - Sugar, Glucose, 75gm, Packet
    75gm unflavored glucose powder
  9. QT02350-100-S - Glucose/Dextrose, (Trutol®) 100gm, Liquid (10 oz. bottle)
    Pre-mixed 100 grams of Glucose in 10 ounce solution. Used as a diagnostic aid in the evaluation of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Glucose Intolerance breath tests.
  10. QT01140-K - Dust Barrier (5/pk)
    Dust barriers are used on the front (Sample-In) and rear (Air-In) ports of all BreathTracker analyzers. Each pack contain 5 barriers.
  11. QT04206 - EasySampler At-Home Breath Collection Kit (Lactose Intolerance)
    In-office/at-home breath collection kit for Lactose Intolerance/Malabsorption
  12. QT04204 - EasySampler Home Test Kit (Fructose Intolerance)
    In-office/at-home breath collection test kit for Lactose Intolerance/Malabsorption
  13. QT04203 - EasySampler At-Home Breath Collection Kit (d-Xylose)
    In-office/at-home breath collection kit for the evaluation of intestinal absorption.
  14. QT04205 - EasySampler At-Home Breath Test Kit (Lactulose - SIBO)
    In-office/at-home breath test kit for the evaluation for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
  15. QT04210 - EasySampler At-Home Breath Collection Kit (Glucose - SIBO)
    In-office/at-home breath collection kit for the evaluation for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) using glucose substrate.
  16. QT00527-T - Filter, Foam Plug, 10/pk
    Replacement filter plugs for Sample Drying Tubes.

    Each pack contains 10 foam filter plugs.
  17. QT02687 - SamplXtractor (Model SX-2+) Maintenance Kit
    Maintenance Kit for SamplXtractor Model SX2+.

    Maintenance is required after extraction of 200 breath test vials.
  18. QT02688 - Vial Adapter, Blue, Luer-Lock (5/pk)

    Replacement blue vial adapters for use on the AlveoVac and SamplXtractor (Model SX2+) vial extraction system.

  19. QT01135-K - Drying Tube, Patient Sample

    Replacement Patient Sample Drying Tube.

    Used to condition patient breath samples during injection into analyzers. 

    This drying tube uses BreathPrep to condition patient samples prior to analysis. (Purchased Separately).

  20. QT01727-V - Stopcock, Plastic, One-Way, Luer-Lock

    One-way stoptocks for breath testing syringes.

  21. QT02643 - Screwdriver-Valve Removal Tool
    Screwdriver and Valve Removal Tool used for adjustment of controls on the BreathTracker and removal of calibration gas tank valve for proper disposal.
  22. QT02704 - SamplXtractor Output Tubing
    Replacement output tubing for the SamplXtractor system.
  23. QT02509 - SivRite-4 Replacement Tubing Assembly
    Replacement Tubing Assembly for SivRite-4 desiccant bottles.
    This tubing attaches to the top of the SivRite-4 bottle and the rear Air-In port on your QuinTron breath analyzers.
  24. QT01153-C - SivRite-3 Desiccant for MicroLyzer analyzers
    Special desiccant for MicroLyzer analyzers only.
  25. QT02599 - SamplXtractor Model SX-2 Maintenance Kit
    Maintenance kit for SamplXtractor model SX-2 only.
  26. QT00892 - GaSampler Single-Patient Test Kit (No Substrate)
    GaSampler Single-Patient Test Kits contain all the necessary components to easily collect breath samples from patients.

    This component kit DOES NOT contain any sugar/testing substrate for breath tests.
  27. QT00843-P - Discard Bag, 400ml
    This bag is used in conjunction with GaSampler system kits and components. The Discard Bag is designed to remove the first approximate 400mL of air from your patients lungs for Hydrogen/Methane breath tests.
  28. QT00830-P - Single-Patient Breath Collection Bag (750mL)
    The single-patient breath collection bag is used to collect up to approximately 750mL in a single alveolar breath samples from individuals who collect breath samples using GaSampler system components. The amount of collection bags you will need per test will be determined on how you analyze samples.

    Samples must be analyzed within 6 hours of collection in these bags for the sample to be considered valid.
  29. QT02741 - Syringe, 30mL, Luer-Lock, Breath Test

    Special luer-lock syringe testing for compatibility with breath samples.

    1-way stopcock (sold separately) - QT01727-V

    Purchased in increments of 10.

  30. QT00859-P - Pediatric Low-Deadspace, Non-Rebreathing, Tee Connector
    Designed for use with pediatric breath testing. This low-deadspace tee connects to the single-patient breath collection bag and a mouthpiece or facemask.
  31. QT00842-P - Breath Sample Holding/Storage Bag (250mL)
    This single-patient breath storage bag can hold a single breath sample for a for up to 7 calendar days.
  32. QT04214 - EasySampler Home Test Kit (Sucrose Malabsorption)
    In-office/at-home breath test kit for Sucrose Intolerance/Malabsorption
  33. QT02600-50-S - Sugar, Sucrose, 50 gm packet
    50 gram packet of unflavored Sucrose powder.
  34. QT07500-G - Calibration Gas - All BreathTracker Analyzers

    Calibration Gas for BreathTracker analyzers only.

    Contains approximately:

    • 150ppm H2

    • 75ppm CH4

    • 6% CO2


  35. QT07300-G - Calibration Gas - MicroLyzer Breath Analyzers

    Calibration Gas for MicroLyzer analyzers only.

    Contains approximately:

    • 100ppm H2

    • 50ppm CH4

    • 6% CO2


  36. QTB0002 - SIBO Cookbook (Family Favorites)

    Order your copy of the SIBO Family Favorites Cookbook today!

    This beautiful cookbook is jam packed with over 60 delicious SIBO-friendly recipes that the whole family will love. Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free (or dairy-free alternative), refined sugar-free, soy-free, grain-free (except some rice and quinoa) low FODMAP options, easy to make, affordable and most importantly, delicious.

    • Breakfast Recipes

    • Oriental Inspirations

    • Aussie and American Favorites

    • Perfect Sides

    • Mouthwatering Desserts

    • Flavorsome Condiments

    • Drinks

  37. QTB0001 - SIBO Cookbook (Summer Edition)

    Order your copy of the SIBO Summer Cookbook today!

    The SIBO Summer Cookbook is bursting with delicious recipes for people treating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).

    Each recipe is classified by which phase it is suitable for, making menu planning a breeze. Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free (or dairy-free alternatives), low sugar, soy-free, grain-free, have low FODMAP options, are easy to make, affordable and most importantly, delicious.

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