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Use this form to submit your warranty activation. After submission, if additional information is needed we will contact you via e-mail or telephone based on the information you provide.

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  • Provide the name of the facility that the instrument is located.
    Provide the full address of the facility that the instrument is located. Please include any for and/or room number.


  • Please name an individual we can contact regarding this instrument at the facility.


  • Enter the name of the distributor that supplied your instrument to you.
    Enter QuinTron-USA or QuinTron-EU if purchased directly from us.


  • Enter the date you purchased your product, this will be used for warranty date activation. If you do not specify a valid date of purchase, the date of manufacturing will be sued for the warranty start date.


  • The instruments Serial Number is located on the rear of your instrument.


  • Please provide a copy of your receipt or invoice of purchase. You may alternatively fax or e-mail it to us.

    Acceptable file formats are: jpg, gif, png, pdf
    Maximum upload allowance is: 1200Kb
    Fax submission to: +1-414-645-3484
    E-mail submission to:

    If you e-mail your submission, please include your serial number in the e-mail for us to match your warranty submission. You are still required to provide all the information above with your submission to activate your warranty.

* Required Fields

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