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Take the guesswork out of gaswork with QuinTron's BreathTracker analyzers! 

QuinTron is the premiere manufacturer of industry-leading breath analyzers measuring Hydrogen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide using state-of-the-art solid-state sensors and patented breath collection systems/kits.

The detection of Hydogen, Methane in the breath after ingestion of a substrate can lend a helping hand to medical professionals trying to determine what issues related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other digestive disturbances are related to sugar or food intolerances, or if Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgowth (SIBO) is the culprit mimicking the symptoms of carbohydrate malabsorption issues or other digestive disorders occuring with your patient which studies have shown over 80% of IBS patients have tested positive for SIBO.

Learn more about SIBO by downloading the SIBO Research Guide here!

SIBO Research Guide



Learn more about the BreathTracker below:

To begin offering hydrogen/methane breath tests at your practice; Contact Us to request a quote on an analyzer or for more information on how QuinTron can help you determine which of our breath-testing solutions best suits your needs.

  • Enroll in our at home-testing mail-in kit program.
    1. Work with one of our premiere analysis locations
    2. Have patients purchase test kits directly from the online store.  Samples will be sent back to us for analysis of the breath samples and we will forward the results to you and/or the patient after analysis.
  • Purchase QuinTron's BreathTracker™ analyzer for On-Site Testing/Analysis
    • With this option, you can perform Hydrogen/Methane Breath Tests in-office or have the option to have the patients collect breath samples at home with QuinTron's patented EasySampler™ Test Kit.  If samples are collected at home, patients will then mail the breath samples back to you for analysis on your BreathTracker analyzer.
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