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Breath Test Kits

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  1. QuinTron Fructose Breath Test Kit


    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $125.00

    Fructose Malabsorption Home Breath Test Kit Learn More
  2. QuinTron Lactose Breath Test Kit


    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $125.00

    Lactose Malabsorption Breath Test Kit Learn More
  3. SIBO Breath Test Kit


    Regular Price: $215.00

    Special Price $175.00

    Glucose - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) 3-hour at-home breath collection test kit. Learn More
  4. EasySampler Home Breath Test Kit (Top-Front)


    Regular Price: $175.00

    Special Price $150.00

    Xylose Home Breath Test:
    A Diagnostic Agent for the Evaluation of Intestinal Absorption.

    This is a 3 hour breath test with 10 samples being collected.

    1 - Control Breath Sample (Baseline)
    9 - Additional breath samples are collected after you drink 25gm d-Xylose

    If you are ordering the test kit from outside the United States, you must arrange for your own return shipping and customs paperwork for return of the test kit. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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    Breath Test In-Office The AlveoSampler™ Breath Test Kit is QuinTron's most economical breath collection test kit for in-office testing. This simple and disposable kit easily allows for a proper breath...

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