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The AlveoSampler™ Breath Test Kit is QuinTron's most economical breath collection test kit for in-office testing. This simple and disposable kit easily allows for a proper breath sample to be collected and analyzed in the BreathTracker analyzer.

Contains: 1-Breath Sampling Device, Breath Collection Syringe. Breath Test kits are available with and without various testing substrates for the specific breath-test being performed.


The EasySampler® Breath Test Kit is a patented breath speciment collection kit for remote/off-site use offered by QuinTron. This patented breath-collection kit allows for patients to collect samples unsupervised and mail their breath samples back to the office or laboratory for analysis. Patients enjoy the ease of collection that can be performed on their time, where ever they choose. Physicians and staff enjoy that patients are not required to sit in the office during the breath test which allows for more patients to be seen, saving the facility time and money. The breath specimens collected with the EasySampler are stable for 14 days and do not require special shipping or handling requirements. 

Contains: 1 Patented EasySampler Breath Collection Device and collection receptacles specifically manufactured by QuinTron for breath samples; based on the industry standard for the number of breath samples for the test.

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